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Best Airlines for Vegan Food

There are some airplane food horror stories out there, especially when it comes to vegan cuisine.  Luckily some airlines are upping their game when it comes to alternative meal choices. With 6% of Americans now identifying as vegan it's about time that airlines start adapting to the dietary choices of their travelling customers.  See the best airlines that are catering your needs...

4. Jetstar Airlines

They listened to customers feedback about the lack of vegan dishes available and are now offering a cruelty-free menu on all of their international flights. After researching Jetstar's vegan options it gave me major food envy! Their selection has even bagged them a Proggy Award for being the Most Vegan-Friendly Airline in Australia.  You can see a snippet of their vegan menu on their Premium Jetstar Mint Service.

3. Qantas Airways

Qantas offer tasty vegan meals (like this yummy pasta dish below) on their intercontinental flights and domestic flights. Requests need to be made 24 hours in advance of departure.  Approved by On The Chopping Board blogger.

2. Emirates Airlines

Rated very highly on Instagram, Emirates Vegan options seem to be a winner with most people. They also have an easy process for you to follow when you are looking for an alternative meal choice for your flight.  You can see how to do this here.

1. Virgin America Airlines

Virgin America were also rated as number one for healthiest food on airlines according to Travel + Leisure based on a study by the Diet Detective.  Vegan blogger Jade Green Vegan documented her meal on flight and gave it rave reviews! So this is the perfect way to travel vegan.

Top Tip 1

We would always recommend to pre-book your vegan meal with your airline prior to flying (usually at least 48 hours before flying).  It will save you enduring a 10 hour flight on a single banana, like this poor guy below.

Top Tip 2

If you are still wary of airplane food, vegan or not, then take a snack with you on your flight.  I would avoid anything too smelly or sloppy, so leave your kimchi tupperware at home (your flight buddy will appreciate it).

Top Tip 3

Make friends with the air stewardess, a smile goes a long way! It especially helps when you are asking for more snacks! If you're a hungry traveller like me!

Bonus Tip

Take your Trtl Pillow with you for a post lunch nap.

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